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"No one in our community should suffer, die, or be turned away from necessary medical care because of cost or lack of insurance"

Joseph has witnessed the concern and pains of individuals who do not have access to adequate healthcare due to ever increasing cost of healthcare. As an American, it is our right to have a healthy and fulfilling life. Affordable healthcare is a necessity and as your legislator, Joseph will make it the highest priority. Through working with patients and healthcare providers, Joseph learned the importance of patient education. Prescription medications come with instructions, however, only a few people actually have the time and ability to read all of the fine prints. This situation has often led to adherence problems with medications, adverse effects, and some preventable consequences. Joseph will work to ensure that patient education is a key component of services provided to patients at doctors’ offices, pharmacy stores and by health insurance providers.


"I support increasing the minimum wage because working people should not be living paycheck-to-paycheck"

With the historic unemployment rates amid the coronavirus, it is important now more than ever, to create satisfactory and well-paying jobs within District 30". Our people should not have to leave their community for jobs or settle for a low-paying job because it is closer to home. As your legislator, Joseph will work hard to ensure that local businesses obtain the support they need as well as work to bring new businesses to our community. Joseph believes that these jobs should pay employees such that they will afford things they need to live a good life and to retire with peace of mind. In Tennessee, the minimum wage has not changed since 2008 but cost of living has consistently increased every year. 


"I believe in holding politicians accountable, which is why, as your legislator, I will follow through on every promise or commitment"

Joseph has a vision of a more empowered Chattanooga, one which we are all proud to call home. For too long, the needs of District 30 have been ignored by politicians. This cannot continue. Our parks, streets, and neighborhoods need to be safer, cleaner, and better. Our kids need to be able to fulfill their dreams. With his experience in obtaining grants and working with people across all backgrounds, Joseph will lead efforts to obtain resources for our community to promote and ensure wellness and prosperity for everyone.


"The future of our community is in the hands of our teachers and schools - they deserve more from Tennessee. Our students deserve more."

Joseph has gone through the public education system both as a student and as a teacher. He currently has his children in the public school. Joseph understands the challenges within this system. Teachers and schools are struggling for basic classroom necessities because they simply do not receive enough support. Public education is necessary, which is why more resources need to be invested into the Hamilton County schools. Joseph will not support programs such as the Voucher program, that further take away resources from public schools. Joseph will work to ensure that students and teachers from his district and throughout the state, are rewarded, both financially and personally. He will push for incentive programs such as tax breaks and low interest loans to achieve this goal. He will also speak to students about the opportunities and personal satisfaction inherent in teaching and working in public schools.

Joseph understands the burden of student loans, having graduated with large amounts of student loans that took him several years to pay off. He supports helping students to avoid huge loans that often take away most of their early earnings following graduation. He will work to find ways to lessen the burden of student loans. Joseph believes in expanding opportunities to everyone - whether that be making internships accessible, defining a better pathway toward college, or expanding vocational school programs, nothing should stand in the way of one's desire to get education.

Hello, thanks for visiting! If you have a question about my policies or beliefs, feel free to reach out - I'd love to hear from you.

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