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A chemist and clinical pharmacist by training, Joseph has devoted over thirty five years to working in academia, the pharmaceutical industry, managed care and in hospital clinics across the country. His passion for educating others gave him the opportunity to live in six different states. Joseph could have made a home in any of the six states but he chose Chattanooga, Tennessee because of the warm welcoming attitude of its people, its positional location and its unique scenery. Above all, he and his wife find Chattanooga as a great place to live and raise their young children. 

Born in a family that taught him the importance of serving the community and helping each other to succeed, Joseph has been an activist and ally in his community since a young age. At the University, he was elected as a member of Student Government, appointed as the Cultural Affairs Leader for the Organization of African American Students, and served as the President of the Nigerian Student Union. Joseph's leadership in these organizations helped to make them be more recognized statewide. In 1981,  as a result of his leadership, the Nigerian Ambassador attended the Nigerian Student Union's Independence Day celebration in Portland, Oregon.

Joseph dedicated his career to others, both as a faculty clinician and as a medical professional in the pharmaceutical and managed care industries, helping to ensure that medical practitioners obtained the best healthcare information to help them in treating their patients. As an Assistant Professor of Pharmacy and Medicine, he established a fully-funded summer internship program for college students as a way to get them interested in the medical field. He also led the development of an educational program that traveled to different communities and taught medical practitioners about new medications and other therapeutic options for their patients.

Joseph has always worked to ensure there are no boundaries to what can be achieved. To him, the most important thing in life is his family. Joseph spends his free time traveling and bonding with his wife, three daughters, and a son. 

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We need better healthcare, we need more local jobs, we need greater community involvement and education, and we need a better, safer environment to raise our children. I know that we can do better in all of the above.

I am running because District 30 needs more than they are getting now, the people need people like me who will fight for them to get things done and/or initiated.

Our communities have always been committed to doing the best for themselves, but it is about time they had someone to fight for them, to lead with a purpose, and to work together toward a better future in Chattanooga - for everyone.

So, join me on this journey. I cannot go alone. 

I will fight with you, for you, and we will get it done.

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The first step in making Chattanooga a better place is by listening to you. The interests of our representatives in the Capitol are often not the interests of the people. I want to change that.

Tell me what's going on your community - the good, the bad, and anything else you would like me to know.

Thanks for submitting!

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